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Light & Noise Acoustic Videos from Mexico

Some videos shot in our hotel room while down in Mexico playing some Maps & Atlases shows, thanks Light & Noise.

SPIN Premiere: Maps & Atlases “Fever’

When Maps & Atlases hit the road early last year with Barsuk Records labelmates Menomena, the pairing was more than clever indie synergy. Like their Portland-based comrades, the Chicago quartet anchors its slightly bent pop tunes with impressively intricate drumming. The first track to surface from Maps & Atlases’ upcoming Beware & Be Grateful (out April 17), “Winter,” saw the Dave Davison-fronted band taking a more focused approach to its buoyant, fleet-fingered guitar-pop. Latest advance track “Fever” similarly forgoes the occasional Latin-brass or campfire-folk left turns of 2010’s Perch Patchwork, instead allowing Davison’s rounded, distinctive bray to float triumphantly over a direct, breezy concoction that feels, indeed like a fever passing. Pre-order the album here and get a bag of Maps & Atlases coffee to help you keep up with those busy rhythms.


Interview with The AV Club


Dave Davison and Erin Elders 
The band members discuss their biggest influences 

Maps & Atlases formed in 2004 at Columbia College, and soon gained notoriety for their frenetic musicality, impressionistic lyrics, and lead singer Dave Davison’s unique vocals. The band’s experimental math rock-influenced sound gave way to a less abrasive folk approach on its debut full-length, Perch Patchwork, released last year on Barsuk Records. While the band may have scaled back its overt musical flair over time, it remains one of the tightest, most interesting musical acts going.

The A.V. Club caught up with Davison and Erin Elders, (guitarist-lead singer and lead guitarist, respectively) in advance of their set at A.V. Fest this weekend, to talk about some of their favorite local bands, as well as their experiences as musicians and music fans in Chicago.

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Light & Noise LIVE - Maps & Atlases - Austin TX

Thanks to Light & Noise for the session - CLICK TO SEE TONS OF PHOTOS

[live tv] #44 Pt. 2-4 - Maps And Atlases - The Sounds They Make / Artichokes


Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan and Grant MacAllister for the photos of Maps & Atlases from Lollapalooza - Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Link: To Serve The Song Above All Else Maps & Atlases Move in a New Direction

It’s pretty common that bands known for technical ability will push the limits of their playing with each new release, but Chicago’s Maps & Atlases latest work strives to flex both creative muscles and the ones in their fingers.

“I don’t think we were ever heavy in any way,” said lead singer, guitarist and most-bearded member Dave Davison when talking about how the band used to share the stage with the post-hardcore group Russian Circles. The band’s early work bared the signs of math rock, but now Maps & Atlases more closely resemble a folk band.

Perch Patchwork came out last summer and was the band’s first full-length offering, filled with rich, subtle instrumentation and an increased focus on Davison’s voice. Being their debut LP, Maps & Atlases spent the time to make a cohesive piece of work that builds upon their technically proficient sound.

“It was a really fun and productive way to allow the songs to take shape,” said Davison about the more experimental process to songwriting the band took with this record.

“On previous work with Maps & Atlases we would spend a long time getting ideas together to play live, and then the recording process became mostly a way of documenting that live experience,” he said.

“It was the prospect of recording and letting whatever happened happen, like if something started seeming a certain way or going in a different direction, to just allow it to go that way was only possible through this type of recording. It was really exciting for everybody in the band. Jason made everyone excited to explore more.”

Jason Cupp produced Perch Patchwork, and a warm, complex sound was formed – one which draws influence from as many directions as genres in their hometown music scene. Cupp worked with Davison in 2009 for his solo work under the name Cast Spells, and after exploring these new approaches to writing brought the artfully arranged sound to a full band context. The result builds off the Cast Spells EP, with engaging, unorthodox percussion and melodic form catchy enough for a pop song.

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Pigeon Live from SXSW / Invisible Children’s Silver Series

Maps & Atlases playing the song ‘Pigeon’ for the Take Away Shows. Filmed at SxSw festival, for Invisible Children’s Silver Series

Filmed by Derrick Belcham
Produced by Sarah Schutzki for la Blogothèque
and Nada Alix, Kenny Labbacher et Alex Collins for Invisible Children

(Source: vimeo.com)

Bright Works And Baton Free Download All Week

Sargent House is featuring the Cast Spells EP as their “May We Introduce You" feature as the free Download all this week so now you can get Bright Works And Baton for FREE . While you are at it you can check out the split EP with Good Old War. In other news Maps & Atlases will be going on tour with  RX Bandits and Zechs Marquise in June/July. Dave will  be performing Cast Spells songs for the July 21st show on that tour in Chicago.  SEE ALL TOUR DATES HERE
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Breakthrough Radio: Cast Spells Live Session & Interview

David Davison stopped by Breakthrough Radio in New York on 4/19/11 while out on tour with Maps & Atlases  for a bit of a chat and an acoustic session of his Cast Spells songs. 

00:00 Cast Spells on BTR Live Studio
01:21 Potted Plant
04:51 Interview
09:08 Vampire
11:56  Pioneer Scalps
14:38 Interview
15:32 American Quilts
17:40 Interview
21:18 A Badge
24:08 Interview
28:17 Glamorous Glowing
30:08 Interview
32:50 Finish

NYC Show was fun.

Perch Patchwork, the debut album from Maps & Atlases, is perhaps the best record you didn’t hear in 2010. With folk-rock immediacy and lush arrangements, it’s an album in the truest sense, diverse yet cohesive. The songs range from radio friendly (“Living Decorations” and “Israeli Caves”) to experimental (“Carrying the Wet Wood”), but none stray far from pop palatability. And whether frontman Dave Davison’s expressive blend of singing and croaking endears you to the music or pushes you away, it is undeniably unique and memorable. So, on Tuesday night at The Bowery Ballroom, it may come as no surprise to fans that Davison, positioned center stage, is the lasting image from the show.

Beginning with his solo introduction on “Pigeon” and ending with barely audible vocal flourishes on the show-closing “Was,” Davison’s appearance, unkempt with arguably the longest hair in the room, and musical contributions stood out. This is not to say, however, that the rest of the band faded into the background. Shiraz Dada (bass) and Chris Hainey (drums) commanded a rhythm section that navigated through shifting time signatures while Erin Elders deftly finger-tapped complex guitar riffs. These talents emerged on selections from earlier, math rock-centric EPs You and Me and the Mountain and Tree, Swallows, Houses, but also during the larger portion of material from Perch Patchwork, especially the showstopping “The Charm.”

Nevertheless, Davison, with few words for the audience but visible gratitude, provided the night’s best moments. During an adamantly called for encore, he explained that while Maps & Atlases rarely do covers, they decided to perform the Elvis Costello song “Radio Radio.” And although the selection seemed odd at first, Davison’s adaptable voice handled the melody surprisingly well. It’s this apparent connection to classic-rock roots mixed with technical proficiency that makes this band challenging yet shamelessly enjoyable. —Jared Levy

Cast Spells, Maps & Atlases & Teri

It was nice to finally get to see Teri Gender Bender’s band Le Butcherettes play live recently at SXSW. Here is a clip of the first time we met her over at Sargent House where she joined in along with the rest of the guys in Maps & Atlases to play a Cast Spells song called “Glamorous Glowing” 

Maps & Atlases - Living Decorations

Maps & Atlases video for Living Decorations, directed by Erin Elders, shot by Chris Hainey, featuring a lot of our friends, Gypsyblood and many more. Thanks to everyone who helped out.

Maps & Atlases - Remix & BBC Session

Maps & Atlases performing Solid Ground, Pigeon & Living Decorations for the BBC Radio show The Beat.  Also, check out the new remix by Breton Labs of the track Living Decorations below.  

Maps and Atlases - “Living Decorations” (Breton Labs Remix) by Some Kind of Awesome

Interview with Writers On Process

Dave Davison doesn’t really understand the label “math rock” that some people have given his band Maps and Atlases. Math rock the music, like mathematics the subject, after all, requires “coldness and calculation,” according to Davison. But the four members of Maps and Atlases met at Columbia College in Chicago—an art school.  Davison majored in cultural studies, Erin Elders and Chris Hainey were film majors, and Shiraz Dada majored in sound engineering. As a band, they’ve been called math rock because of their complex rhythmic structures and unconventional time signatures.  But with their debut release Perch Patchwork (Barsuk Records), they’ve written what critics have called a more accessible sound.  Regardless, Maps & Atlases plays some wonderfully unique and creative music.  But that’s what you get when four guys from art school start a band. 

After the video, read more about Davison and his writing process, including how poetry affects his songwriting, how a good long walk is the perfect way to write a Maps & Atlases song, and his penchant for leaving long voice mail messages for friends. 

Two of you were film majors.  How does that background inform the band’s songs?

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